The Clos Canereccia workshops

History of wine, preserved nature, Corsican charcuterie (cured meat) and cheeses: Clos Canereccia offers discovery workshops to all those who are curious.

Discovery of the wine estate

Strolls in the vineyards, visit to the winery, wine tasting: a discovery for the just curious ones and for insiders!

The wine aperitif

Come and discover the wines from our wine estate around traditional dishes, charcuterie and cheese, for an evening with friends or family. From 20 € / person

Introduction to wine tasting

Accompanied by Raphael Pierre-Bianchetti, you will discover Corsican wines; you will go on a gourmet journey from North to South and learn how to recognize the aromas and flavors of the wines of the Island of Beauty. Then you will share a unique moment around a typical meal. From 45 € / person

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